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MAY 20, 2014    NEW YORK, NY

Social security number used by fugitive illegal superhero Superman is now declassified

NEW YORK, NY – Due to recent investigative developments and intelligence corroborated by HSI-Intel, the social security number used for decades by fugitive illegal superhero Superman, is now declassified information.

The social security number used by "Clark Kent," aka Kal-El, aka Superman, is 092-09-6616. Evidence shows that the number belongs to deceased New Yorker, Giobatta Baiocchi of the Baiocchi Family. Born in 1887, Baiocchi died in 1965 and relatives say they don't know of any connection he might have had to the notorious fugitive alien.

This latest piece of declassified evidence from the ICE DISH Identity & Benefit Fraud Unit points to a set of crimes that join a countless list of other violations the fugitive alien has committed. The release of the information also comes less than a month after of the opening of the new Fugitive Operations Support Center (FOSC) in Berkeley, CA. The search for Superman and fellow former Angel Island detainee, Thor, has been intensified in recent weeks.

Superman was first arrested by ICE DISH in late November 2012. Shortly after, he was put in detention at the then- re-commissioned Immigration Station on Angel Island, where he was held from December 2012 until late Spring of 2013. He was subsequently transferred to a classified ICE DISH temporary detention facility, just before ICE DISH temporarily shut down operations on the island. During a second transfer, he escaped from authorities. Legal superhero endorser, Captain America, who was on assignment in Long Beach, CA during the incident, was sent in immediately to provide assistance as Superman's coordinates were tracked down by ICE DISH personnel, but the illegal superhero managed to disappear before Captain America could arrive. Since the escape, Superman has remained at large. He was last seen flying over the Golden Gate Bridge and near Angel Island in September of last year, when an ICE DISH surveillance team captured a recording of the illegal superhero. A clip of the footage can be seen in the ICE DISH video, Introducing ICE DISH (released in November 2013).

With the help of tips provided by the public, the diligent work conducted by the HSI team along with elite ERO agent Ray Jin, and the recent opening of the FOSC in Berkeley by ICE DISH Director Tanner White, the agency is confident that it will arrest and apprehend Superman once again. The local Fugitive Operations Team (FOT) is working vigorously on the mission and the declassification of this information marks significant progress in ICE DISH's relentless efforts to enforce the law on illegal superheroes.

HSI continues to encourage the public to report any suspicious illegal superhero activity through its toll-free Tip Line at 1-844-4-ICE-DISH or by completing its online tip form.

Identity fraud poses a severe threat to national security and public safety because it creates a vulnerability that may enable illegal superheroes to gain entry to and remain in the United States. It is often an element of many crimes committed by illegal superheroes. HSI places a high priority on combating this as it is critical to achieving the ICE DISH mission.

Superman is one of ICE DISH's Most Wanted illegal superheroes. For additional information about him, please visit:


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