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ICE DISH HSI Tip Form generates investigative leads

The HSI Tip Line has generated a significant amount of investigative leads since its upgrade earlier this year. In its first seven months, many have reported by calling 1-844-4-ICE-DISH. The Tip Line has also seen an increase in reports due to its expanded operations through the implementation of an online form. Since its launch, many have logged onto icedish.org/tips to make reports. More


ICE DISH.org and Illegal Superheroes posters featured in El Universal in Mexico

ICEDISH.org was featured today in the Mexico City-based, El Universal. The major Mexican newspaper included a slideshow of illegal superhero profiles from “ICE DISH’s Top 15 Most Wanted” list on the website, translated to Spanish, and selected images of the first set of Illegal Superheroes posters. More


“Introducing ICE DISH” video featured on Upworthy

Almost a year after its initial release, the ICE DISH video, “Introducing ICE DISH,” was featured on Friday on Upworthy, the popular website considered in 2013 to be the “fastest growing of all-time.” Initially accompanied with an erroneous headline, the correction and clarification was made swiftly by ICE DISH via public channels, including social media.


Illegal Superheroes posters featured in La Razon in Mexico

Just days after they were included in over 200 media outlets in 50 countries during a four-day stretch, the first set of Illegal Superheroes posters continue to assist International Affairs in its efforts to expand its reach. The posters were featured in the newspaper La Razon, based in San Luis Potosi, the largest city in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi.

8/28/2014 SAN JOSE, CA

ICE DISH participation in LCX 2014 at San Jose State University announced

As part of the ICE DISH’s recently launched initiative, Project TEACHES, a public notice was released yesterday announcing the agency’s participation in Latino Comics Expo 2014 at San Jose State University. The operation is part of an overall effort by ICE DISH to increase its presence in higher education institutions, in order to further the ICE DISH mission. More


International Affairs expands reach in 50 countries as ICE DISH posters included in over 200 media outlets

International Affairs expanded its reach over the past several days as the first set of Illegal Superheroes posters were included in numerous international media outlets, raising the number to over 200 since their release. The total amount of countries reached 50 during the recent four-day stretch, with most in Latin America, and a majority of the press coming from Mexico. More


ICE DISH launches Project TEACHES at San Francisco State University

ICE DISH launched Project TEACHES (Tactical Education & Advancement in Colleges & Higher Education Schools), at California State University, San Francisco this past week. The initiative is part of an overall effort by ICE DISH to increase its presence in higher education institutions in order to further the ICE DISH mission, enhancing cooperation and collaboration with community stakeholders.


Spotlight on ICE DISH.org by CKBW South Shore Radio in Canada

ICEDISH.org was a topic of discussion today for host John Wiles of the “Mid Days with John Wiles” show on CKBW South Shore Radio (98.1 FM Bridgewater, 94.5 FM Liverpool, 93.1 FM Shelburne), in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. John shared his interaction with representatives of ICE DISH’s Office of Public Affairs at Comic-Con International.


Operation at Comic-Con featured in The Huffington Post, World News, Myrtle Beach Post, and more

The special operation ICE DISH executed in the border city of San Diego for Comic-Con International 2014 was featured by Nina Flores and reporter Linda Gross in The Huffington Post. Coverage of the operation was also included in World News, The Myrtle Beach Post, and other media outlets. More

7/25/2014 SAN DIEGO, CA

ICE DISH sends special operation unit to border city for Comic-Con International 2014

Today, ICE DISH sent a special operations unit to the border city of San Diego, CA for Comic-Con International 2014. Considered to be the “largest convention of its kind in the world,” the meeting and its location provided a unique opportunity for agents to raise awareness about ICE DISH, the agency mission, and relevant issues. More

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