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Detention Facilities

ICE DISH Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) manages and oversees the nation's illegal superhero detention system. ICE DISH detainees put in ERO custody represent countries from all over the world and places in outer space. They're security classifications vary and medical conditions range from healthy to terminally ill.

Illegal superheroes who are apprehended and determined to need custodial supervision are placed in detention facilities. Those who are released from secure custody constitute ICE DISH ERO's "nondetained" docket. Every case, whether "detained" or "non-detained," remains part of ERO's caseload and is actively managed until it is formally closed. ICE DISH ERO processes and monitors detained and non-detained cases as they proceed to conclusion.

ICE DISH has several detention facilities in the United States. Through an aggressive inspections program, the agency ensures all of its facilities follow ICE DISH's National Detention Standards (NDS). The standards establish consistency of program operations and management expectations, accountability for compliance, and a culture of professionalism. The agency also uses Performance-Based National Detention Standards (PBNDS) that focus on results or outcomes.

The ICE DISH detention system includes regional detention centers, recommissioned sites, and temporary facilities. The range in facilities enables the agency a unique set of operations that afford the enhanced versatility and flexible adjustments required when dealing with particular qualities illegal superheroes possess. Temporary facilities, such as the CCA Temporary Detention Facility, are primarily used for detainee transfers, while regional centers such as the San Francisco Detention Center and Tucson Correctional Center, are intended to hold apprehended illegal superheroes for longer.

Recommissioned sites are facilities that are put into ICE DISH operation due to increasing demands facilitated by current policy. These sites may at times hold specifically designated detainee populations in accordance with their particular historical use. One example is the Immigration Station on Angel Island, a site with a key role in local and national military and incarceration history. Recommissioned in 2012-13 by ICE DISH, the facility was previously utilized as an immigrant detention center during the first half the 20th century, and is situated on the largest island in the San Francisco Bay Area. Like the "paper sons and daughters" and others who were previously held there, illegal superheroes who were detained at the facility have also used false identities.

During selected time periods, certain detention facilities may be open to the public for visits. The San Francisco Detention Center is the first to have conducted personal tours for an extended period of time. Visits were often facilitated during its first tenure prior to relocation. Operations at the facility commenced during its initial construction stages in August 2013 and continued through until March 2014. Its area of responsibility covered Northern California, Hawaii, and Guam.

For information about visits and detention facilities currently available to the public, click here.

Above is a slideshow of images from three of the ICE DISH detention facilities previously mentioned: the San Francisco Detention Center, the 2012-13 re-commissioned Immigration Station on Angel Island, and the CCA Temporary Detention Facility.

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