U.S. Department of Illegal Superheroes (ICE DISH) U.S. Department of Illegal Superheroes (ICE DISH)


Related Programs

The National Security Investigations Division (NSID) includes a variety programs in its efforts to advance the ICE DISH mission. Some of these programs are overseen directly by the director of ICE DISH and/or Management & Administration. NSID programs are usually cross-divisional and most are created for temporary purposes, initiated and decommissioned on a case-by-case basis continuously. The programs are started as deemed necessary by ICE DISH leadership.

Below are brief descriptions for two ICE DISH NSID programs:


SMART Program Kryptonite GunSMART Program

The Super Military Advanced Research & Technology (SMART) Program was created for the development of unique or "super" equipment, structures, and weapons that are used by ICE DISH in executing operations. The program is one of ICE DISH NSID's permanent fixtures, and it has been vital to advancing the ICE DISH mission as it equips the agency with the necessary super arsenal to counteract illegal superheroes' super skills and super-capabilities. Both HSI and ERO personnel are assigned to this program as the range of investigations conducted and duties required vary widely. The kryptonite gun utilized by Agent Ray Jin is an example of one piece of equipment that has been produced through this program. Other examples of equipment developed by the SMART Program include adamantium jail cells, kryptonite cells, and ICE DISH Director Tanner White's Super Phone.





UAV & Space Program Thor in SpaceUAV & Space Program

The UAV & Space Program will focus on providing further investigative support for ICE DISH operations through the development and use of unmanned aerial vehicles, and space technology. The program will assist both HSI and ERO divisions, along with several other cross-divisional programs. It is one of ICE DISH NSID's elite in-development programs, allowing the agency to keep up with current trends and developments in our nation's border security, while expanding the agency's intergalactic activity – critical due to the significant percentage of illegal superheroes who possess intergalactic capabilities and super-characteristics. The UAV & Space Program will be pivotal in enforcing America's customs and immigration laws at our nation's borders, worldwide, and beyond the stratosphere.


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