U.S. Department of Illegal Superheroes (ICE DISH) U.S. Department of Illegal Superheroes (ICE DISH)



On October 12, 2012, ICE DISH made its first live public appearance with Captain America at its side, during an event held at the University of California at Berkeley's ARC, in conjunction with a conference called the Creative Time Summit. The conference, held in New York City with various satellites events around the world, is considered by many to be a significant gathering that brings people together to discuss how their work engages pressing issues affecting our world. The satellite event at UC Berkeley took place from 7am-4pm, and had approximately one hundred attendees – including members of the local community, faculty and students from a number of local campuses, and others.

Throughout the day's activities, ICE DISH and its official first-ever legal superhero endorser, Captain America, informed the public about the ICE DISH mission, recent highlights in the agency's efforts, news about upcoming operations, and how individuals and groups alike can support ICE DISH. Director Tanner White was present to answer the public's questions and the agency's first petition was  introduced during the event.

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