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On August 17-18, 2013, ICE DISH participated in the first-ever Latino Comics Expo: Los Angeles at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, CA. The two-day event, held both days from 11am-5pm, went on to become a noted historic success by many in various communities, as hundreds attended the unique gathering. In addition to featuring a wide array of presentations by over 50 individuals and groups, the Expo featured two days of panels and children's workshops.

The event was the first Community Outreach operation in the Los Angeles metropolitan area for ICE DISH, and was the first official public appearance for several agents who have since taken on leadership roles within the agency. The occasion also marked the first time ERO Community Outreach was involved with an event of this nature, being that it focused on a particular demographic and centered around comic books. The operation underscored the growing versatility of ERO Community Outreach during this expansion period.

An elite team of ICE DISH agents executed the operation, including Will D. Port, Alanna Haight, Juana Wrights, and Dean Nye, along with Director Tanner White. Captain America also assisted with the operation, but was limited to one day only due to his required assistance with an incident elsewhere during the second day of the event.

ICE DISH's participation was featured in Comics Workbook and Apuntes Journal, and the agency was mentioned in event coverage by the Long Beach Post.


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